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Rhythm Inside

For many people, the stress of everyday life makes it difficult to feel grounded and whole, and to feel a sense of belonging or connection with others, be it family members, friends or co-workers. When this is the case, we can become numb or oblivious to the people and things around us. As a result, we often turn to self-destructive thoughts (self-doubt or criticism, for example) and unhealthy habits, and our relationships may fall apart.


But there is a way to re-orient ourselves on a path toward wellness. The path begins by feeling--that is, by returning to the innate ability we all have inside us to feel and to sense and to love. But the journey isn't always easy. 


That's why I've developed the Rhythm Inside motivational talk and workshop series.


In this series, we walk together along the path to wellness by discovering how the person you are today is a culmination of past and present-day experiences and relationships. You will learn to identify how external forces may have caused you, or someone you care about, to lose touch with innate feelings--to lose touch with the natural rhythms we have inside us.

As a former educator, and as a family therapist and community wellness mentor, I've designed the Rhythm Inside motivational talk and workshop series with you in mind. 


Wherever you are along your journey, you will find that by prioritizing relationships and feelings above everything else, your life will improve in immeasurable ways. 

The path to wellness--for individuals, families, and communities--begins and ends with feeling. 

How to bring the Rhythm Inside talk and workshop to an event near you.

Completing the form below is the first step in bringing the Rhythm Inside motivational talk and workshop series to an event or gathering near you. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. 

Thank you for your interest!

The Rhythm Inside talk and workshop series was recently shared with audiences at these events and locations. 

Pediatrics Congress | New York, NY

MACMH Child & Adolescent Health | Duluth, MN

World Psychiatry Conference | New York, NY

Global Psychology Conference | San Francisco, CA

Integrated Medical Community | Los Angeles, CA

National Medical Academy | Dallas, TX

MAAP Conference | Duluth, MN

United Way Central Minnesota | St. Cloud, MN

National Future Educator Convention | Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota State Principal Institute | Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Association Alternative Programs | Duluth, MN

Collaborative Learning Project | Boston, MA

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"What you have added to my life cannot be measured as the posive effects continue to grow and grow. It's a privilege to simply extend a thanks to you."

- Daniel Z.

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